Make your wedding, party or event an unforgettable one.  Allow your next special event to glow! Light up your special occasion with our stunning Wax Lanterns. The Lanterns are the ideal candle lighting decoration for entrance ways, entrance tables, lobbies, lounge areas, cake tables, pathways, and wedding aisles, as a centerpiece and they are the perfect compliment to a flower arrangement. The Wax Lanterns are available to rent in cream, for further information please e-mail us at We offer a discount on quantity when purchasing them. Fantastic gifts for all the event helpers, what better way to say thank you!
Geluja Candles will cater and offer you the right lighting solution for all spaces indoor or outdoor  to create the right atmosphere for your needs.
Our Wax Lanterns are handmade with a high melting point wax so they provide the perfect candle glow you are looking for to decorate your Spa or Hotel, restaurant, venue.
You will create with Geluja Lanterns the perfect atmosphere that you need for your clients to feel relaxed. They give out a calming glow and scent.
Geluja's Lanterns will create a memorable and positive first impression for your clients.
Now florist can create new and unique floral designs combining them with Geluja's Wax Lanterns.
Apply your creative talents as a florist to dream up new and interesting floral designs that incorporate the soft glow of our candle. Arrange flowers around a selection of Lanterns to create unique centerpieces. Use tall cylinders and rectangle Lanterns as lovely, glowing vases. Or add flowers to the luminaries that glow along the path of a beautiful wedding aisle. There is no limit to the possibilities!
UK florists can now add unique design statements to floral arrangements with Geluja's Inspiring Candle Decorations.
When buying a property  the first impression matters, so it is critical that the property feels welcoming to the buyer. Lighting can set the mood and act as a powerful influence on prospective buyers, which is why Geluja candles are an essential tool for home decorators .  Our Wax Lanterns and candles are available  in several sizes, shapes, and colours, our candles and Wax Lanterns suit any décor. They will enhance any space, while helping prospective buyers imagine themselves relaxing and enjoying themselves in the property.
With our Wax Lantern option, you can provide the ambience of candlelight. For more information on rental please e-mail