Who doesn't love a night in at home with friends, good banter, nibbles, endless flow of wine and virgin cocktails (Non alcoholic). Spice up your evening, add stunning glowing lanterns to your already favourite living room/dinning room, and make it more than a gathering, make it a Wax Lantern event!

So what do you need to do? It is very simple, follow these steps:-

1) e-mail us at info@geluja with a desired date

2) Minimum of 6 guests must be invited to the evening

What next?

Host your evening as you wish, ie drinks and nibbles, dinner party, cocktails....

What is in it for you?

You will receive a Bowl Wax lantern size XXS as a gift and a % discount depending on Lanterns sold on the evening:-

10 Lanterns - 20% discount

15 Lanterns - 25% discount

20 Lanterns - 30% discount 

25 + Lanterns - 50% discount

What do you have to do?

We will drop off at your address 10 plain coloured lanterns and 2 artistic decoration lanterns with pebbles and tealights for your to decorate your chosen room as you wish and they are to be lit for when your guests arrive. You will be given flyers to give out on the evening with details of our business, you will be given a code for your guests to use on the evening which they can use on our website for that day only to receive a 10% discount on their purchase.

How would you take payments?

Your guests can pay directly through our website.

How would orders be delivered?

Orders can be delivered to you the next day at a set time that suits you, your guests would have the choice to pick up their orders from you or they can have them delivered or posted for FREE to their desired address which they can let us know through our website.

What do you do with the lanterns used for the event?

On drop off we will agree on a day and time to pick them up, we will ask you to wrap them in bubble wrap (which we will leave with you) and for them to be placed in the box provided ready for pick up.

How do you redeem your discount code?

We will send it to you via e-mail once we know the quantity sold on the evening.