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About Us

Geluja is not just a candle shop, they are far more than that. Their products become a part of your life,  a wow factor gift , an unforgettable decoration feature which becomes part of your home, wedding, party, event, garden party, engagement, baby-shower, and so much more. What is it and how does it work? They specialise in a unique product, a Wax Lantern that does not melt. The Lanterns are handmade in Argentina and some are naturally scented with a mixture of lavender, rose petal, jasmine and a hint of vanilla. The Lanterns come in various shapes, sizes and colours.  Once a tea light is placed inside your chosen Lantern, it glows beautifully, emphasising the unique shapes and colours that it’s been made in. The glow they emit is like no other, they radiate a warm, elegant, calming atmosphere for any occasion. They also have a stunning range of colours in their solid candles.

Why a Candle shop and why in Stockbridge? Gonzalo and Emmajane have travelled extensively worldwide with their three children, their need to make a home from home for them as a family was easily obtained by simply illuminating wx Lanterns around their different homes. So Geluja came about from their pure passion of travel, decoration, Candles and they wanted to share their passion. Emmajane was brought up in Menorca – Spain which is a beautiful small island measuring 45 Km from end to end, with a warm village, a sense of community,  friendly feel about it and that is exactly what Stockbridge has. Gonzalo being a city boy from Buenos Aires – Argentina loves tranquillity but some times craves the hustle and bustle of the city, again Stockbridge has given this to him as it is 15 minutes from the city centre.

Geluja, the name, was created from what Gonzalo and Emmajane most love their three children, Georgina, Lucas and Jake, a business created from passion must be worth a visit!